Thursday, October 9, 2014

Bromo Tourism

Do not tell me you feel the beauty of East Java province before you set your foot in mountain tourism bromo very spektakulier this. Tourism is located in the Bromo Tengger Semeru has a sea of sand covering approximately 5250 hectares with an altitude of 2392 above sea level. You can ride a horse and do the climb at Mount Bromo tourist through the steps and watch the sunrise charming. Watch the beautiful shades of sunrise and sunset are no hard unforgettable experience when you are in this bromo tourist.
Tourism Mount Bromo has a meaning Brahma (A god in Hindu religion). Tourism Mount Bromo is an active volcano and is very well known as a tourist mainstay in Java timur.Wisata Bromo mountain is not as big as other volcanic mountain that is in the tourist attractions in Indonesia but has an amazing sight. Fantastic beauty makes the end of the visit here will be amazed at its beauty.

At the peak climbing above the height of tourist bromo METER 2770, visitors from around the world visit to see panoramic sunrise in bromo. Nuance is spectacular and the only sound you will be with the person who photographed this moment its natural beauty where you do not get anywhere else. At sunrise a beautiful place where you MIView semeru mountain shades that emit smoke from far away and the sun that emit light into the blue sky.

Horse riding in the sand lautar Just in theme parks owned bromo is a very unforgettable experience. Sand is very spacious with a height of about 2392 METERS. The natural beauty that is only located in Indonesia. This sand looks very exotic when the sun sweeping orange glow in a beautiful morning.
The tourist trackker semeru mountain lakes usually visit a cold foggy ie, Ranu Pane and Ranu Kumbolo very impressive.

bromo tour package
There are many tour packages bromo, you can make the journey to Mount Bromo tourist with ravel ticket booking available at Surabaya to Pasuruan Then berkendaran Mount Bromo, this trip took about 60 min to 120 min
The journey to Mount Bromo tourist
There are many roads leading to tourist bromo besides the track above, there are 3 other ways Cemoro Lawang village ie if you use a path through probolinggo tourist, from the village via Malang Ngadas if any, and if it passes through the hamlet Burno Lumajang
The third line was all good passable comfortable with two-wheel or four wheel.
1 Malang - Overlapping - Klakah Shack - Jemplang - Mount Bromo Travel, distance traveled 53 miles.
2 Pasuruan - Warung Dowo - Tosari - Wonokitri - Mount Bromo Travel, distance traveled 71 miles
3 Malang - Purwodadi - Nongkojajar - Tosari - Wonokitri - Penanjakan bromo, distance traveled 83 miles.

Let you can watch the sunrise, you should leave early in the morning.

A few of our Information about Mount Bromo tourist may be useful for those who want to travel in tourist bromo.

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